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We are excited to announce an expansion of our wellness services!


Conditions that may benefit from IV nutrient therapy:

- Chronic fatigue/Depression                               

- Lack of energy

- Dehydration                                                         

- Immune Support for acute cold/viral

- Headaches/Migraines                                     

- Sinusitis

- Acute Muscle spasms                                      

- Athletic performance and recovery

- Anti-aging/skin                                                  

 - Vitamin Deficiencies

Here is how to start your journey to feeling fantastic with IV Nutrients

  1.   Call 443-664-2265 to schedule your appointment.

  2.  Jeanne Mills, RN will conduct an interview that will help her understand your medical history and symptoms to make certain you get the treatment that is best suited for your goals.

  3.  You will be emailed a health history and consent forms to fill out and return. These forms need to be returned prior to your scheduled appointment.

  4.  Upon arrival, she will review your forms with you.  She will take your vital signs and perform a quick assessment.

  5.  An IV will be inserted into your arm.  Jeanne has 33 + years of nursing experience in a variety of clinical settings with superior IV insertion skills.  Once the IV is established, the IV Nutrient Therapy can begin. You will be monitored continuously during   the infusion.

IV Nutrient Therapy is the administration of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream, making it a far more effective delivery method than oral supplementation.  IV Nutrient Therapy bypasses the gut, so you can absorb 20 times more nutrients than taking a pill.  Often, this bypass allows you to feel better, faster.

When deciding if IV Nutrient Therapy is for you, it may help to consider the fact that hospitals provide such services every day. Patients are given IV drips to rehydrate and replenish fluids. It is a big part of their care plans to aid in healing. IV Nutrient Therapy is merely an alternative application of already-proven tools that are presently in use in hospital settings.

The duration of the process typically takes about 45 to 60 minutes. Each session will be followed up with a phone call or email within 48 hours of treatment to check on your outcome/well-being and answer any questions.

Ocean Elements Salt Spa & Float Center takes pride in ensuring a safe, sterile, positive IV nutrient therapy experience. We strive to help you in reaching your wellness and treatment goals. 

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