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About Us



We first opened our doors at the end of December in 2016, making us the first full service center for relaxation in the Delmarva region. Ocean Elements provides a relaxing, distraction-free environment to indulge in the healing properties of salt therapy. Our floatation therapy rooms allow you to float in an individual tank with high Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) content at skin temperature. 

Our facilities are set up to make you feel calm and relaxed from the second you walk in the door and help you to stay relaxed long after you walk out of the door.We strive to maintain a friendly, peaceful environment that is easy to navigate and creates the least amount of stress as possible.

With services such as floatation therapy, salt room, infrared sauna, a wide variety of massages, and more, we have something for everyone. We offer a variety of different services to help you relax in a way that works best for you. 

We believe that rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation are all very important. We believe that your body needs time to just reset and renew.Our services offer numerous health benefits that are not only physical, but also mental, emotion, and spiritual as well.

Taking a break from the stress and busyness of life is crucial and important for your health. We are here to help you take that break and truly and relax and unwind.

Image by Ryan Loughlin


Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation



Resting is a necessary part of your health. Life has a way of getting busy and our schedules become hectic and overwhelming. It can be hard to rest if it is not prioritized or put on your schedule. We are here to help with that.


Relaxation is vital. Our bodies need time to be still and recover. Our minds need time to process and rest from going a mile a minute. Our emotions need relaxation to work through things and process. Relaxation is an important part of your overall health. We provide a space to help you truly relax.



After you have had time to rest and relax you will leave feeling rejuvenated. Going through everyday life is easier when you have had the time to process and have real relaxation time. You can think more clearly and have more energy overall.

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