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ReVibe Chair

After lying on the ReVibe chair™ for just 10-20 minutes, users emerge feeling rejuvenated as if they had slept for several hours. They report feeling more alert, level-headed, and ready to face the balance of the day with creativity, purpose, and passion. 

Transport into an Alpha and or Theta state where
creative flow, super learning, and physical healing can take place due to the “relaxation effect”.

This service is available at our Ocean City location.

What is the ReVibe?

Rebalance your brainwaves with over 600+ sessions to choose.


From motivation, anxiety, concentration, eliminating negative thinking to pain management and chakra balancing, there's something for everyone.


Want to start a weight loss or smoking cessation plan? PTSD or childhood abuse? We have a modified menu of auditory options available such as guided meditation, subliminal messages or music only, to start or help excel your life goals.


Step into our comfy, private room hosting the ReVibe chair. Get cozy under the blanket, lean back in the zero gravity chair and open your mind to a whole new level of relaxation. As you lean back in the zero gravity chair, you will feel the 4-zone vibrations, listen to the guided meditation and/or music backed with binaural beats and isochronic tones while the
gentle light pulsing eye visor all work in perfect harmony to retrain your brain, clear the path for increased creativity or release chronic stress and pain.
"Vibing" is a wonderful addition to your pre- or post massage, float, halotherapy or IR sauna session.

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