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Health & Wellness Support

Jen Esch, MA

“There’s no organ system in the body that’s not affected by sound, music, & vibration. You can look at disease as a form of disharmony.”

  • Mitchell Gaynor

White Structure
White Structure


A Zyto Scan can reveal factors, trends, stressors, & patterns that have not been previously considered, or found, allowing you to make better decisions in a shorter amount of time for optimized personal wellness.


The Zyto Scan can help you determine which foods, therapies, services & even supplements are cohesive to your body.

Zyto Scans are noninvasive & are safe for all ages & animals.  It will not interfere with technology or devices within the body.

The Zyto Scan is an FDA approved Class II Medical device that is natural, safe, & effective.  The Zyto Scan is not used to diagnose, treat, or prescribe.



Tibetan Singing Bowls or Sound Healing is an ancient modality using the vibration of the perfectly pitched bowls to bring clients into a deep relaxation quite quickly.

They are used for many health benefits, such as lowering heart rate & blood pressure, balancing mind, body & systems, muscle regeneration, pain relief in joints, muscles, shoulders, sciatica, headaches, digestive system support, migraines, spinal injuries, improve circulation, release tension & blockages, eliminate toxins from the body, improve mental & emotional pain, stimulate the brain activity for memory & concentration & so much more!



Symphony of the Cells is a collection of 21 essential oil protocols.  During a wellness visit, one of the 21 essential oil protocols is applied to the back & focuses on a specific system of the body allowing for detailed targeting of symptoms & underlying causes of many ailments & illnesses.


Whether you are looking to battle an ongoing issue by supporting your immune systems or integrating the use of essential oil therapy into your wellness routine, Symphony of the Cells is a simple & effective way of doing so.


Essential Oil Therapy has been shown to support stress reduction, inflammation, aches & pains, digestive support, anxiety & depression, memory support, tissue & muscle support, bruises, burns, respiratory/lungs, immune support, migraines/headaches, hormones, arthritis/stiffness & so much more.

Symphony of the Cells is usually scheduled as a part of a Wellness Visit with Sound Bowl Therapy/Reiki and/or a Zyto Scan as desired.


Reiki is the Universal Life Force, Energy, that flows through all living things, from a blade of grass to your puppy, to all mankind.

Reiki effortlessly transforms from one form to another, allowing those that harness in (Reiki Practitioners) to transmit its light from the cosmos to all those seeking it (our clients, you).  Reiki is a simple, natural, & safe method of self-improvement & healing that everyone may benefit from.

Reiki is safe to use in conjunction with western & traditional medicine.  It can create a sense of well-being & help reduce symptoms & side effects of most issues.





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