floatation experience

Floatation therapy is a great way to relax both your body and mind. With over one thousand pounds of epsom salt in warm, body temperature water that is only about ten inches deep you will experience a sense of weightlessness that you have never felt before. You will float with ease as you just lay back and relax. Your body will enter a state of calmness and relaxation as your muscles and mind get an opportunity to unplug from the world and genuinely relax. The salt is also very good for your skin and even after an hour of floating your skin will not even be pruned. 

what to expect

step by step

step 1

Unpackage and put in the earplugs that are provided in the room for you.

step 2

Rinse off your body in the shower using water only and no products to prepare for the float.

step 3

Enter the float tank. The room lights are motion sensored, so, will go off when you get in, and come back on when you get out. Adjust the lid/door, float device lighting, music, and volume. Lay back and relax. 

step 4

The float device will inform you that your float is over. Step out of the float device and the room lights will come on automatically.  

step 5

Use the shampoo, body wash, and conditoner provided to full wash your hair and body. 

step 6

Get dressed, gather your things, and enjoy the post-float feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation.