Service Benefits

There are many different ways to relax and unwind, but no matter what you choose, rest is necessary for our body and mind. Whether you enjoy a simple personal music station session for 20 minutes, or a full hour of floating, taking time to rest your mind, body and soul is very important for your overall health and well-being.

Here at Ocean Elements we offer a wide variety of services with different health benefits to ensure you leave with the results that you are searching for. Here are a few of the key benefits for each of the services that we provide:


The weightlessness from the salt in the water helps you to fully relax your body and mind.

decreased anxiety & depression

Floating helps to increase endorphins while also allowing you to enter into a deeper state of true relaxation.

Pain management

Floating helps to decrease muscle tension, blood pressure, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, and psychosomatic pain.

Improved sleep

Floating helps to improve sleep by allowing your body and mind to be in an increased state of rest.

mental reset

Floating gives you a break from the daily routine of life and can help you to be more aware and reset mentally.


Floating allows you to rest and relax your mind and enter into a state of meditation.

Planning a SURPRISE VISIT for someone?  It might not be a good idea to surprise a friend without telling them what they’re going to be doing at Ocean Elements.  Our services do require some initial health screening questions in the form of a digital waiver, and for floating, we need to know answers to a few personal questions about hair dye health conditions, and the ability to enter/exit a float suite on one’s own.   And… did they shave today?   The salt water might sting sensitive, freshly shaven skin. While most people do immensely enjoy float therapy, it’s best to ask someone if they’re interested in trying floating and are ready on that specific date before booking for them.

strengthens immune system

Salt Therapy helps to strengthen your immune system by detoxifying your body and cleaning out your air way.

reduces inflammation of the respiratory system

Reducing inflammation of the respiratory system is one of the many benefits of salt therapy. The salt cleanses your body and reduces inflammation.

helps with allergies

Salt therapy helps with allergies by cleansing your body and widening your airways helping you to breath easier.


The infrared sauna helps you release a sweat that is different from normal sweat fully detoxing your body.

improved circulation

Infrared sauna help to improve your circulation by increasing your core body temperature.

weight loss

The infrared sauna helps you to sweat out more than just water weight causing you to lose actual weight and not just water weight.

Sore Muscle relief

The infrared sauna helps to relieve sore muscles. The heat from the sauna increases circulation and oxygen flow therefore soothing sore muscles.

clear & tighter skin

The infrared sauna will help your skin to be clear and tighter. The increase in blood flow from the heat is similar to exercising.

relief from joint pain

Relief from joint pain is one of the benefits of the infrared sauna. The heat soothes and lessens joint pain.

helps manage pain

The Personal Music Journey lounge helps to manage pain by allowing your body to fully relax and truly rest from all physical activity.

helps manage stress & anxiety

The Personal Music Journey loungehelps to manage both stress and anxiety by giving you time and space to simply relax and rest not only your body but also your mind.

peace and relaxation

The Personal Music Journey lounge offers peace and relaxation. With busy schedules and loud homes you may not ever find the time or space to truly relax in peace. The Personal Music Journey lounge can offer you that time and space to truly unwind.